7 - 9 September 2021, Pan Pacific London
Stockings Christmas Theming

Safety around Coronavirus at the London Christmas Party Show 2021

Our goal is to be compliant with the Government guidelines for business events, whilst there are currently no legal restrictions we are still conscious about attending live events.



We aim to create an environment where visitors and exhibitors can feel comfortable so everyone can enjoy the event. We will be asking visitors and exhibitors a to complete a COVID health declaration prior to the event, and will not be permitted access unless this has been provided. We will be continuously testing our staff on site throughout the event, and require that all venue and Story staff provide a negative lateral flow test before arriving.

In addition to these measures we have also added a 3rd day to the show this year to monitor capacities and allow for more space each day for guests to roam and interact with exhibitors. We have larger aisles, distanced seating in our seminar room and require that all waiting staff wear face coverings whilst serving food and drink.


We all what the live events industry to start back up again in a big way, but in order to do so we believe that we all need to take care and responsibility whilst attending events, so please be mindful so that we can make sure that a very merry Christmas all together! We will remain conscious of any Government Guidelines and regulations and adapt and update where needed to ensure we provide a safe event.

If you have any worries and concerns then please feel free to contact us here at [email protected].