28 - 29 July 2020, Haberdashers' Hall, EC1A

Tips to keep your team engaged while WFH

Our good friends at the Museum of London have let us in on what their team are doing to keep their brains and bodies active and motivated while working from home during the coronavirus outbreak.

Going from a busy office environment to working remotely at home is such a huge adjustment for everyone, so the team at the Museum of London have implemented a number of initiatives to help keep them feeling positive and motivated.

Alongside regular team video calls throughout the week to keep communication going and stave off any feelings of isolation or loneliness, the team are all taking part in Joe Wicks’ PE class at 9am every morning – a fantastic way to start the day and get the blood pumping!

Two of their internal team members are running virtual yoga and body weight classes each week, which are not only great for team bonding and morale, but fitness levels too. They have also diarised virtual team drinks and quizzes to inject some friendly competition into the week.

It’s important to keep conversations and connections alive across the different departments of a business – Museum of London have a company-wide ‘Bake off’ currently to get everyone in the business involved.


Implementing virtual activities such as the above are so important at a time like this – keeping morale and positivity high in these difficult circumstances will not only help boost productivity, but it will strengthen team bonds and relationships in the long term.


You can meet the Museum of London team at the next London Christmas Party Show, taking place on the 28 – 29 July 2020 at Haberdashers’ Hall, London.