Exhibitor Testimonials



“We have lots of leads, everybody seems to be very genuine looking for venues and for Christmas party ideas – we had no time wasters.”

Emanuel Greco – Events and Sales Manager – Tattershall Castle, (Stonegate)



 “The good thing about the show is that the people you meet are quite straight forward. They seem to come with an agenda, and they know what they are looking for.”

Ivory Vaults 



“This Show is massively about quality over quantity”

Bella Blackett – Director – Venturis Table



“The event was very good, we met good potential clients and agencies.”

Valeria Serra – Sales Account Manager – Museum of London



“The Agents Evening was great,  it was really good, really intense; everyone was really forthcoming.”

Craig Nightingale – Hard Rock Café



“We haven’t come across anyone we already know, so we have really got our name out today, it’s been a really good event and given us really good exposure.”

Ria Attlee – Project Manager – The Steel Yard



“The event is really good, it’s not as high volume as some other ones, but the quality is so much better.”

Emma Howe- Street Feast (London Union)



“We have met really, really good people, a lot have been really interested – not only for Christmas, but hopefully for events throughout the year.”

Playboy Club 



“Visitors are serious event buyers, they have events they want to book, they’ve got budgets.”

Kim-Michelle Timpson – Director of Events & Sales – Bonbonierre



“We like the two-day format. The  Agents Evening is more for catching up and networking, I like the social side to this.”

Jade Hinton,  More Productions


“It was amazing, we had over 100 names, and we must have over 200 today. Unbelievable. I think exhibiting at this event could change our business, thank god we came. 

Avenue Cookery School 

“The Shows are the perfect trade show where you can really chat with qualified buyers who are interested in our offering. They are selective agents and corporates that attend and I would recommend the Shows to any London venue.”

Belgraves – a Thompson Hotel,  Marie Froger


“The amount of genuine interest is really really great” 

Sander, Business Developer Manager, HAC


“I like the way that it is quite close together you get to speak to everybody because everyone is following the flow.”

Ali Warwick, The Jockey Club


We work with a lot of agencies so the evening was useful to be able to make direct contact and to talk to those people and agencies that attended.”

Lucy Denny, Events Co-ordinator, 4 Hamilton Place


“We’ve had really good enquires today and a steady flow of people who have come in so really good.”

Julia Suggett, Account Director, Altitude 


“The people who have come to speak to us have been particularly interested and we’ve already had an email to our inbox with a specific enquiry off the back of seeing us this morning.”

 Laura Slater, Founder, Bubblegum Balloons 


“The visitors who are coming are very targeted compared to other shows where sometimes people might not have interest in your venue. It’s about quality not quantity”

Marie Froger, Event Sales, Belgraves


“The Agents’ Evening night was really busy; it was a really good night.”

 Sophie Lowther, Sales Executive, Mercedes-Benz World


 “We’ve really enjoyed it. Everyone is in a really relaxed mood cause you’re feeding them and giving them some drinks along the way. The music’s on. Go apes quite a relaxed environment so we fit.”

Sam Hardy, Corporate Events Manager, Go Ape