12 - 13 May 2020, Haberdashers' Hall, EC1A
The Breakfast Group London Christmas Party Show

“This Show has hands down been the best one we have been to, the quality of visitors are great”
Aqua Brit

Why exhibit?

SMALL BOUTIQUE SHOWS making it easy for visitors to find you

EVERY VISITOR PRE-QUALIFIED limits time-wasters & increases ROI

GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY compared to other events in the industry

A SPLIT EVENT FORMAT allowing for targeted marketing

A RELAXED EXHIBITION ATMOSPHERE making it easy to network

What Our Exhibitors Think

“It’s been so busy, we are very happy with the amount of people we’ve had to the stand.”
Flight Club

“We have met a lot of contacts who seem to be well vetted. the people coming to the stand are actually genuine buyers which for us in important.”

“This Show has hands down been the best one we have been to as an exhibitor the quality of people is great, people actually have real event enquiries.”

“Visitors have been really good quality, it’s been really beneficial for us to exhibit here. It’s relevant people instead of randomers looking for a freebie.”
Area 51

“It’s been very busy with quality visitors, we exhibit at other exhibitions but because this one is specifically targeted we find it more valuable.”
Natural History Museum

“It has been wonderful. If a quarter of the people come through with what they have promised it will be a very very successful day.”

Past Exhibitors 2018

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