16-17 July 2024, Freemasons' Hall

Help us Build a Better World by Joining us at the Show!

Here at the London Christmas Party Show, we’re passionate about creating real, meaningful and global impacts and want to ensure that by attending the Show, YOU can help too!

We have joined forces with B1G1; a global initiative dedicated to making a positive impact through business giving, to raise funds and provide necessary resources to help those in need, protect our planet and create a difference both locally and globally.



We’re dedicated to making a positive impact in the world and promise to make a donation for every visitor that attends the Show! All you need to do is attend the London Christmas Party Show, taking place on the 16 – 17 July 2024 at Freemasons’ Hall and choose which impact you would like to support.



We have chosen three different causes that will positively impact individuals and environments around the world.

1. Provide one Day of Necessities to the Homeless in South Africa: Your support provides much needed relief of food, clothing and ablution facilities for those who are homeless in Cape Town, South Africa.

2. Provide Healthy Meals for Malnourished Children in Ukraine: Improve the diet of a child by providing them with fresh meat and vegetables. Healthy food is often sacrificed in families where the parent(s) lack the money or means to provide for their children.

3. Provide an E-Learning Hub for Aboriginal Communities: Many households don’t have a computer or even a reliable power supply, so learning hubs are crucial for young people to develop their IT and literacy skills.


Register for the London Christmas Party Show today and help us contribute to helping those in need by choosing which impact you would like to contribute to at the Show!