16-17 July 2024, Freemasons' Hall

Advent Prize Draw: Terms & Conditions

  • You MUST register/be registered for the London Christmas Party Show 2024 to WIN a prize and meet our minimum requirements to qualify as a guest. 
  • You MUST attend the Show to collect your prize. If you do not attend, your prize will be forfeited and added back into the prize draw to be randomly allocated to other attendees. 
  • You may only win one prize, if you win more than one, your (second and subsequent) prize(s) will be forfeited and added back into the prize draw. 
  • Story Events (trading as the London Christmas Party Show) reserves the right to withdraw your prize at any time if they believe you are any of the following (not limited to); not a qualified event buyer, have entered more than once using various email addresses, do not attend the London Christmas Party Show, or for any other reason in which the representatives of the London Christmas Party Show deem that your entry is not valid.
  • Your prize will be available to collect from a designated area at the Show, approximately one hour after your arrival.